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There are some lessons from my father that I have always been keen on following, from being calm and patient, smart to being kind and valuing the smallest of things given to us in life. Even when it comes to investments it is my dad that I reach out to first. However, of all the advice he has ever given me I’m always perplexed of his advice to prefer long term investments over short-term. Now, see ever since childhood I have been taught that investments into stock markets or mutual funds/SIPs are the works of devils and people often get…

From the dawn of programming, data has always been a key component to develop anything software-based. From building applications to algorithms and scripts all require data so that they can be tested and debugged. However, an issue arises when data is to be managed and used efficiently. This is where Sorting comes into place. Sorting Algorithms are the most widely used concept in today’s world, they can be used to shape data as per your own needs.

For some of the most average programmers, there is always a dilemma of whether one should use bubble sort or insertion sort. Since…

Adarsh Raghav

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